Explanation of Advance bill from Vodafone

What to expect on your first bill

Your plan is charged one month in advance which means it’s likely that you’ll receive your first bill within a few weeks after connection. The timing of the bill being sent to you depends on what bill cycle date you’re assigned – this is the day each month that the included value and data in your plan and add-ons are renewed.

What you’re likely to see in the ‘This bill’ section

  • In the ‘This bill’ section of your bill (usually page 2), you’ll see a breakdown of the new charges for your account. In the one below, the customer connected on the 30th of March and was assigned the 5th of the month as their billing date.

If you need help with any of the items mentioned, check the info below.


  • Plan fee

Below the mobile number for your new service you’ll see the monthly charge for your plan in advance for the next month. In the bill above, this is for the period from the 5th of April to the 4th of May.


  • Usage summary

Below the entitlements of your plan you’ll see a summary of your call, message and data usage during the last bill cycle.


  • Part monthly charge

This simply shows what date you connected your service and when your bill cycle ends – there’s no charge for it so you’ll see $0.00 in the ‘Amount’ column.


  • Mobile Payment Plan

If you’re paying off part or all of the cost of a new device in instalments, you’ll see an ‘MPP’ charge on the bill. Check out ‘Mobile Payment Plan charges on your bill’ if you need more info.


  • Other charges

If you’ve seen another charge on your bill that you’re not sure about, try our bill explainer or check out ‘What’s this charge on my bill?’.


More info

  • Even though we don’t charge you for the part monthly period from the date you connect until the end of your first billing cycle, you’ll have a full month's worth of your plan's included value and data to use

  • Prior to 10 February 2015, plan fees were charged on a pro rata basis. If you connected before this date, your first bill will include a prorated charge for your plan fee in 'Part Monthly Plans & Services'

  • Our bills got a makeover on 16 April 2015 so if yours was issued before this date it’ll look a bit different to the example above. Check out our support page if you need some more help